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Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. is the Philippines' biggest and fastest growing trucks and equipment auctioneer. Buyers are assured of a wide range of quality items at reasonable prices whenever they attend AIA's auctions.

Consignors are confident that their products are exposed to a diverse clientele at AIA's auctions where thousands of buyers worldwide participate.

To its clients and consignors, AIA is synonymous to quality products and professional service. Through AIA, buyers in the ASEAN region can now have access to quality and globally-traded trucks and equipment by way of the "live public auction" where each auction item must sell to the highest bidder.


We envision to become the leader in the auction industry in Asia, where the best and widest range of quality trucks and equipment within buyers' reach are offered.


Through the dynamic leadership of our management team; the dedication and commitment of our staff; the trust and support of our consignors, we continually commit to:

1.  Provide clients throughout Asia with only the best trucks and equipment to meet the demands of the fast-changing Asian business and economic conditions.
2.  Expand and establish auction sites in all major Asian cities.
3.  Boost the local economies through increased employment as well as intensified trading of low-priced quality trucks and equipment for infrastructure development.
4.  Offer the best alternative for buyers of quality trucks and equipment at competitive and affordable prices.


We, at AIA, are committed in delivering the highest quality professional auction services to ensure customers' access to the best and widest range of second hand quality trucks and equipment at the price they dictate.


1.  Consistent Highest Quality Service for Total Customer Satisfaction
2.  Guaranteed Compliance with Legal, Statutory and Customer Requirements
3.  Continual Improvement of People and Process
4.  Empowerment of People to Achieve Quality Objectives
5.  Efficient Use of Company‚Äôs Resources
6.  Intensified Variety and Quality of Products to Achieve the Highest Level of Revenue
7.  Top Management Commitment and Support for Effective Implementation of the Quality Objectives


AIA's October 4-7, 2000 First Mega Auction holds the record for being the "World's Biggest Auction for the Millenium," attended by bidders from 21 countries. It also set a Philippine Record as the First 4-day trucks and equipment auction.

This historic event gave the company prestige for being listed in the famous "Used Construction Equipment Auction Book," a regular publication of Tokyo-based "Industrial News Agency." AIA was featured together with the big names in the industry as Richie Bros. Auctioneers Pte. Ltd., Tiger Company Ltd., Komatsu Used Equipment Corp., Hitachi Bid, Sogo Auction and all the major auctioneers in Japan.


Laying the ground for each auction is a very intensive process. An auction cycle takes about four (4) to five (5) months. It starts with equipment sourcing abroad, consignor negotiations, importation handling, shipment unloading, hauling, documentation, equipment preparation, auction day logistics, auction day proper and collection of payments leading to final pull-out and transport of auctioned items.


A team of professional, highly-trained and experienced personnel ensures that the physical condition of each item to be sold during the auction is meticulously checked through strict professional in-house quality control system. This process involves thorough refurbishing, mechanical repair works whenever necessary and test driving to ensure their roadworthiness for the end users. AIA makes sure that all items are sold free and clear of any liens.


Interested buyers are allotted time to inspect the items prior to the auction. For buyers' convenience, all items are lined up according to type for them to inspect, perform stationary testing and compare the units. They are encouraged to bring their own mechanics or technicians for a thorough evaluation of the items they intend to buy.


AIA's management team is composed of Filipino, Japanese and American shareholders, who have close to a decade of solid experience in conducting professional auctions in Asia including their active involvement since 1996 in the Yokosuka Auctions, one of the biggest auction preparations in Japan. The same management team pioneered the live public auctions of trucks and equipment in the Philippines, making AIA unparalleled in the auction industry.


AIA aims to support the government of the economies where it operates by spurring the construction of more farm-to-market roads and other infrastructure projects. The transparency of the live, paraded public auction process enables the market to dictate and control the prices.

From the exporter, the goods are passed directly to end-users through the auctioneer. This shorter distribution chain leads to cheaper capital cost which translates to lower project cost. All the macro level, this results to lower prices and slower inflation growth.