AIA Conversion Technology System

Asia International Auctioneers has dedicated over 2 decades to progressive innovation and technology.
We are constantly investing on new systems to bring safe and reliable vehicles to the market and provide our customers only the highest quality products and services.


Because we give utmost importance to the roadworthiness of our trucks and safety of road users, each unit goes through a "NO CUT, NO WELD, NO BEND" Conversion Technology System and a series of strict quality control procedures.


The AIA Conversion Technology System stands apart because of its use of BRAND NEW and ORIGINAL LEFT HAND DRIVE parts, which were manufactured to fit and function perfectly in its corresponding truck model. It is made of premium, imported, and high grade materials which enhance the truck's structural durability, providing assurance that each unit is built to last.

The system is the result of meticulous design, thorough testing, and standardized workmanship, with the end users' safety and satisfaction in mind. Its central focus is the trucks' steering and braking system, thus providing better vehicle control and stability, and consequently minimizing the risk of road accidents.


With its constant investment on innovation and technology, AIA has gained a strong reputation for quality and has repeatedly received high customer satisfaction marks thoughout the years. Today, we are continuing to develop new systems and technologies for continual improvement and total customer satisfaction.