AIA Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership in the Auction Industry

This year, Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. (AIA) marks its 20th year in the auction industry.As the country’s biggest and fastest growing trucks and equipment auctioneer, AIA has sold over 130,000 units and served about 58,000 satisfied customers in its 86 successful auctions since 1999. Today, it continues to deliver the best value by providing the highest quality trucks and equipment to various industries nationwide.

AIA’s story began in 1996 when its founders, who had prior auction experience in Japan, recognized the unique potential of establishing the very first proudly Filipino-Japanese owned auction company in the Philippines. At the time, the economy was unstable and business was uncertain due to the Asian Financial Crisis. While others cast doubt on the viability of conducting auctions amid the bleak business climate, AIA’s founders took a great leap of faith and worked vigorously for the materialization of Asia International Auctioneers, the premier and pioneer trucks and equipment auctioneer in the Philippines.

Since then, auctions have increased popularity with AIA at the forefront. The company’s first auction in Subic Bay was held in 1999 with only around a thousand units available. 20 years later, AIA has grown exponentially and is now auctioning off over 12,000 items per year.

Through the years, AIA has served as the country’s reliable partner in nation-building. Beyond its auctions, AIA has given Filipinos from all walks of life better and more affordable transportation and construction solutions. The company takes pride in being part of the Philippine economy’s transformation as it drove various essential industries and spurred infrastructure development nationwide.

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, AIA organized a remarkable lineup of events, which include the groundbreaking of its new remanufacturing facility, recognition events for VIPs, Top Buyers, Consignors and Employees, and planting of 20,000 mangroves in Bataan.

AIA conducts its auctions five times a year, specifically in the months of February, April, June, September, and November. For more information about AIA’s auctions, contact us at (047)-252-3333 / 0917-809-1029 / 0998-588-5277.