CSR Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. Gift Giving Program in Batangas

As part of its annual tradition of giving back and sharing the joy of Christmas in each local communities, Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. (AIA) key employees visited and distributed gifts to the communities and residents of Lobo, Batangas this December 11, 2020.

Gift bags containing basic goods, rice, blankets, sleeping mats, t-shirts were given to the local communities. It’s a small way of saying thank you in this season of giving, your appreciation has motivated us to continue our mission to help Filipinos especially during trying times.

As part of its commitment to serve different local communities, AIA has chosen Batangas this year as it has been a challenging year with the recent sequential typhoons just before the end of the year and has also been generally hit hard since the start of the year with the Taal volcano eruption.

AIA has continuously supported the Lobo community for more than a decade now. Aside from its gift giving activities, the company also paved the roads going to the villages and continuously provided support to the local community.

To know more about AIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs, visit www.aia-auction.com/csr.