AIA Holds 20th Anniversary Employee Recognition Night

AIA's 20 years of leadership in the auction industry can be attributed to the men and women who constantly provide excellent service to AIA's customers. Thus, the company recognized its personnel and associates who have been loyal to the company on its Employee Recognition and Thanksgiving Night on May 15.

A total of 78 employees who have worked with the company for ten, fifteen, and twenty years were given Meritorious Service and Loyalty Awards.

"This is a night of celebration and appreciation for the people who have wholeheartedly provided their service to the company for the past two decades. A big part of AIA's success comes from our dedicated, competent, and hardworking employees, as well as our partners who constantly support us in the achievement of our goals. As we continue to advance, our drive for excellence and commitment to provide the best professional auction services will surely move us forward in the decades ahead," said Karen Ambuyoc, AIA Administrative and Personnel Manager.

The awardees are a testament to AIA's commitment to excellence and continual improvement as they spent two long decades to ensure that AIA delivers quality products and services.

"Because of your hard work, we have reached this milestone. Now is the time for us to forge ahead and conquer greater heights together," AIA COO Paulo Armamento said as he expressed his gratitude to the employees.