Arturo Terrobias, Jr., AIA Quality Controller, Awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers of 2019

Mr. Arturo Terrobias Jr., quality control officer of Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. (AIA) was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers of 2019. The coveted award is only given to ten people from more than 135,000 workers in the Freeport.

Mr. Terrobias, who now primarily handles AIA’s No Cut, No Weld, No Bend Conversion Technology System and Quality Control, has more than 30 years of technical expertise from humble beginnings. He is the son of a farmer and housewife who were only able to send him up to high school. He started working right after graduating high school in 1991 as a helper in an automotive company, gaining experience in the conversion of vehicles from right hand drive to left hand drive. As he became known for his dedication, discipline, hard work, and skills in the industry, he was given a better offer as one of the subcontractors of AIA in 1999, and from then on continuously mastered every aspect of conversion and quality control. In 2007, he accepted AIA’s job offer as a Quality Control Assistant and was given the opportunity by the company to further enhance his skills by exposing him to practices from engineers of Japan-based companies like Isuzu and Hino. Mr. Terrobias has been very instrumental in the conception and implementation of AIA’s Conversion Technology System – an advanced innovation which focuses on the truck’s steering and braking system, thus, providing better vehicle control and stability and consequently contributing to the overall safety of road users. Now, AIA trucks are installed with brand new and original left hand drive parts consisting of brand new steering draglinks, pitman / steering and idler arms and AIA customized original steel tubings on the trucks’ gear lines and gear box, an initiative that started from AIA’s commitment to the utmost safety and roadworthiness of its units.

Indeed, Mr. Terrobias dedicated his 12 years in AIA to the consistent development and improvement of the company’s quality control procedures, ensuring that only the best quality units are accepted and lined up in AIA’s auctions. This recognition is a clear testament that AIA’s quality control is among the best in the country, proving that AIA is truly the best source of quality units. With the thorough testing and systematic workmanship of the company’s quality control department, AIA’s trucks have consistently satisfied the changing requirements of its customers.

The 2019 Search for Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers Awards Program aims to award workers for their exemplary performance and significant contribution to the Freeport through their commitment, innovative concepts, excellent customer service, and exceptional leadership. Each nominee undergoes two phases of selection and screening by a panel of judges. It is held by the SBMA Labor Department in collaboration with Subic Bay Workforce Development Foundation, Inc.

From all of us at AIA, congratulations! We are proud of you!