AIA’s 23 Years of Auction Industry Leadership can be attributed to its workforce who continues to provide excellent service and enhanced systems for a complete professional auction experience. Thus, on AIA’s 23rd Anniversary, the company held a Thanksgiving Mass and recognized its personnel who are celebrating their milestones of ten, fifteen, and twenty years with AIA. Meritorious Service and Loyalty Awards were given to a total of 23 employees. Special Awards were also given to employees who spearheaded the innovation of AIA’s online auction platforms, including the all new and upgraded Online Live Bid Up+ Auction.

The awardees are a testament to AIA's commitment to excellence as they spent more than two decades to ensure that AIA constantly delivers quality products and services to their customers even amid the challenges that we face today. This celebration is the company’s way of appreciating the hard work and contributions of each one, allowing AIA to provide consistent strategic support and the best trucks & equipment for its customers.